Abdul Salaam Company Limited

We offer all types and best quality of Sugar (ICUMSA 45, 100, 150 and others) from Cameroon, Thailand, India and other countries. Origin: Cameroon/Seller?????? Choice SPECIFICATIONS ICUMSA: 45 RBU M???x. or 100 RBU M???x.

Polarization: 99.8% M???n.

Ash Content: 0.04% M???x.

Moisture: 0.04% M???x.

Solubility: 100% free flowing.

Color: Sparkling White

Granulation: fine/medium/standard.

Radiation: Normal

Inspection: SGS or equal

Min. Order: 12.500 MT

Packaging: 50Kg. PP Bags

Terms of Delivery: ...

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Abdul Salaam Company Limited
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22 Street Kusseri Kusseri North 00237 Cameroon
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